Seasonal Color

One of the most effective ways to add value and attract attention to your community or business is by creating a well manicured, eye-catching venue through the use of seasonal plantings.

The first and last impression a visitor has of your property are the seasonal displays. Here at Russell Landscape Group, we have a dedicated team of trained professionals to help you with your seasonal color needs. We offer consultation and design services to create a personalized stamp for your individual property. This, in conjuncture with our comprehensive maintenance, fertilization, and pest management services, will ensure that you have the most curb appeal possible for your business or community.

Our Seasonal Color Team factors in all the current concerns of today’s landscapes: colorful and unique, yet cost effective, eco-friendly and water-smart . By employing these techniques, we will provide you with seasonal color that is sure to impress –without breaking your budget. Due to the use of climate-sensitive material, seasonal color displays are rotated twice per year: a Spring/Summer planting and a Fall/Winter planting. Spring usually done mid-April through May and Fall most often mid-October through November. A maintenance program is prepared for each season based on the current installation’s cultural requirements.

Please feel free to contact your Russell Landscape Group representative with any seasonal color questions or concerns that you wish to discuss. Let us put the crowning touches on your property.