Commercial Maintenance

Russell Landscape Group provides landscaping services for condominiums, townhomes, homeowner associations, commercial buildings, industrial and office Parks.

Quality of Work: This is one of the major concerns for a property manager.  If a property’s landscape is not acceptable, it reflects on you and the company associated with your complex.  The quality of Russell Landscape Group’s work is unparalleled.  Our property supervisors visit each property manager or representative on a regular basis to ensure consistent and adequate communication between managers and the company.  Your concerns and questions are handled promptly and to your satisfaction the first-time. We take pride in providing personalized service that compliments our professional resources.  Russell Landscape Group’s image is created by the appearance and the performance of our company’s uniformed employees, equipment and clean ‘logo-ed’ vehicles while on the job site and in transit.

Landscape Enhancements

Russell Landscape Group, Inc.’s combined years of design/build experience, coupled with an excellent understanding of our customer’s landscape needs, allows an outdated landscape to become an updated outdoor living space. By incorporating low water-use plantings and high-impact changes, Russell promotes both conservation and an increase in property values. A combination of flexibility and landscape knowledge has allowed Russell to offer facelifts for over 20 years.

Design and Build

Russell Landscape Group, Inc. specializes in commercial installation. By working with the architect, owner and general contractor, Russell provides competitive pricing and quality work within a specific budget. Through this process, Russell has created relationships throughout the Southeast with companies such as Duke Realty, Solutions, HGOR, Reece, Hoopes and Fincher, Conlan Co., and several others. Russell understands the vital combination of job site deadlines and a properly installed landscape project.